My photography is intended to provide you with memories of you and your horse that will LAST! I strive to showcase your unique relationships, your unique characters, and a wide variety of poses and moments to keep for a long time to come.

Every session tells a different story, and is therefor tailored to meet what you are dreaming of! Below are my standard package options— I can’t wait to meet you and capture the bond between you and your horse. If you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, please fill out a contact form below and I am more than happy to chat about alternative options.

BLack Background
Equine Portraits

-20 minutes
-5-7 images

*must have appropriate barn/barn aisle*

185 per single horse
135 for 3+ horses
100 add-on to h&r session

Confirmation & Sale Equine Portraits

-approx. 25-30 minutes per horse
-10-15 images

*flat, clear space required or additional editing fee applies. Inquire when booking*

200 per single horse
50 per additional horse


Beginning at 395+

Best for:

One horse & rider pair


One hour of shooting time

The sorrel session is suited for any occasion! 

This session includes portraits in a variety of poses, capturing the relationship between you and your horse. Each session will look slightly different as you and your horse are a unique pair and each location has different elements. My goal is to keep our time as authentic as possible, and I will include a complete guide prior to our session date with planning details.

The Sorrel Session includes 45+ images in a fully downloadable edited gallery, with 1-2 human/horse 'looks', one horse and rider pair, and one location choice!

Beginning at 475+

Best for:

Multiple horses + longer session time


1.5-2 hours of shooting time

The palomino is designed to give you more time

at your session, and is available to accommodate multiple horses in a session (up to 4 included)! Whether you are wanting portraits with your whole herd, wanting to include riding photos as well as portraits, multiple looks/locations*, or just wanting more time in front of the camera, this session may be a perfect fit for you! Each session will look slightly different to accommodate your unique relationship with your horse and your location. Please inquire to receive exact pricing and I will happily consult with you on details to create exactly the session you are dreaming of.

The Palomino session includes a fully downloadable edited gallery of 100+ images, 1-3 horse/human 'looks', up to 4 horses, and optional brief riding coverage

*multiple locations allowed, dependent on proximity to ensure optimal lighting!





class of 2023 graduation sessions:

Beginning at 475+


Ya only graduate college once, right?! The ‘gold’ session provides more time in front of the camera, more images delivered, and the option for more outfits and ‘looks’!
This session is a great choice if you are looking for a more comprehensive coverage of you and your horse(s). If you have been thinking about scheduling a portrait session with your four legged companions, this is a perfect choice as you can have your full graduation celebration images as well as a comprehensive set of portraits with your horse(s).



2023 gold

2023 green

Class of 2023 booking:

My spring calendar fills up QUICK with graduation sessions. It is my goal to help celebrate as many graduates as I possibly can, but things do fill in quite fast. My calendar is linked below, if you do know a date you're looking to reserve, beginning in February, there are grad slots open. I may be adding additional grad time slots as we get closer as well! When you reserve a date, I will follow up with any questions on details you may have.

2023 booking link

-1.5-2 hours
-1-2 locations (distance dependent!)
-100+ edited photos in downloadable digital gallery with print rights
-1-4 horses
-portraits in graduation regalia, individual portraits, horse & rider portraits, and riding photos if desired!
-3-4 outfit choices

Beginning at 395+


Celebrate the season of graduation with a ‘green’ session... perfect for a single horse & rider pair! Coverage of you with and without graduation regalia, capturing you, your horse(s), and your HUGE accomplishment that is graduation.

Also a great option for non-equine livestock grads or those looking to not include animals at all!

-1 hour + 1 location session
-50+ edited photos in downloadable digital gallery with print rights
-1-2 horses
-graduation regalia & individual portraits -1-2 outfit choices

I am available to photograph a wide variety of equine businesses and events for marketing, event coverage, sales, etc. (see the list below for example sessions I can likely accommodate)

 Please fill out a contact form with a run-down of what you're looking for and I'll be back to you ASAP with pricing and options.

-confirmation & sales photos
-Performance Horse breeders/trainers
-western makers & craftsmen
-Ranch marketing/brandings
-horse shows or barn events
-promotional imagery



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Hi Hey howdy hello!

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